:::: Art Archive - Credits

- Webmastering -
Hivebrain (original website creator) and Dioxaz

- Site design and layout -
Hivebrain (old design and improved version of my old logo), Dioxaz (current design and skinning)

- Text and section edit -
Hivebrain (editor, Paint Shop Pro tutorial and screenshots, PHP-based art sections including browsing and news sections including history), Dioxaz (editor, some additions into the PSP tutorial and all other additionnal sections)

- Artwowork maintenance and updating -
Hivebrain and Dioxaz (for both: artwork gathering, cleaning and fine optimisations)

- Also have contributed to the archive -
in no particular order: Hivebrain (the first artworks of the site, some rare logos and artworks, and two brilliant Sonic Battle art re-creations), Ben2k9 (many cool and well-cleaned images), Nathan Payne (rare Sonic 1 badniks and also group images -- old Sonic games covers -- that I missed from Sonic CuLT and some other Megadrive artworks I think), Greg2K (his logos and some official logo re-creations), Malan the porcupine (tons of optimized 'Sonic the screensaver' artworks), TailS the French fox (for his **unique** and brilliant re-creations of Sonic Team official art), Koji_chao (her brilliant official artworks re-creations), Adamis (many brand new artworks), Rlan (many rare and well-cleaned Genesis and Saturn art), Jessica Padkin (the originals of some "Sonic the screensaver" artworks), JohnnyUK (for offering the site a better, more decent and... prestigious host ^^), people of the Sonic-CuLT website indirectly and others I may forget...